omni-mark Omni OpenMP Compiler Installation Notes


OpenMP is a programming model for shared memory multiprocessor. The current version of the Omni OpenMP compiler has been tested on the following platforms: Note that you can install the software to any platform with POSIX thread library (even in a single processor machine :-)

For the installation for a cluster-enabled OpenMP on SCASH, see "Cluster-enabled OpenMP -- OpenMP implementation for a software distributed shared memory system SCASH".

For the installation for StackThreads, see "Compiling and Using Omni/ST -- StackThreads runtime implementation for nested irregular parallelism".

If you have a problem on a java VM, or you have no java VM, or you need to speed up the compilation, try to install using "jexc". See Installation using "jexc" . Note that no SCASH implementation is supported by "jexc" installation.