Omni Environment Variables

In addition to OpenMP standard environment variables, the following environment variables controls the parallel execution:
Specify the number of processor which is used as the max number of threads. If this variable is not set, check the number of physical processors in your platform if possible. The same number of threads are created as the number of physical processor. Otherwise, use N_PROC_DEFAULT (currently 4) in "lib/libompc/ompclib.h" as the number of threads.
Specify the threads are bind to processors. If the environment variable is set to "true" and the max number of threads is less than or equal to the max number of threads, the threads are bind to the processor under solaris platforms.
Turn on profiling. If the environment variable is set, the profiling of OpenMP directives are enabled. The log file with the program name plus ".log" extension is created. To see the log file, use tlogview command. To turn off profiling, unset OMPC_LOG.
Specifies the stack size of each thread. The size is in bytes as default. You can specifies in the unit of kilo using "k" and the unit of mega using "m". For example, "1k" means 1024 bytes.