Omni OpenMP Compiler


Compile and run your OpenMP program
Omni Environment Variables
Compiling and Using Omni/ST -- StackThreads runtime implementation for nested irregular parallelism
Omin/SCASH: Cluster-enabled OpenMP -- OpenMP implementation for a software distributed shared memory system SCASH
Omni OpenMP Compiler 64 bit environment status
Omni Fortran Compiler, omf77 multiple precision real support


RWCP Omni Compiler Software is a collection of programs and libraries, written in C and Java, that allow researchers to build code transformation systems (compilers). Omni OpenMP C compiler is a part of this software that translates C and Fortran programs with OpenMP pragmas into C code suitable for compiling with a native compiler linked with the Omni OpenMP runtime library.

Our objectives of Omni OpenMP compiler project includes:

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